Antonina Koroleva

Graduated from Moscow Linguistic University, qualified as a lingust and the teaher of English. Continued the studies at Moscow University of Economics and Statistics, having received the qualification of a lawyer. Completed a course of International Commerce at the Russian Academy of Foreign Trade. Married with 2 children.

Since 2001 has been working in different departments (PR, marketing, export) of the Whitehall Group of companies, which was founded and managed by Mark Kaufman.  

Since 2013 Antonina Koroleva is the Vice-president of Mark Kaufman Charitable Foundation.

Since 2024 - President of Mark Kaufman Charitable Foundation.

"2014 is undoubtedly a watershed barrier which relatively divided my life into two parts "before" and "after". I am profoundly grateful to Mark Kaufman for the possibility of being needed. What could be more important than the eyes of an absolutely happy and healthy child, having the whole life ahead? When we help children, we help ourselves, because we are alive till the moment we are really needed".